Citrulline Malate Might Make the Cut

Eric HelmsNutrition, Supplementation13 Comments

Citrulline Malate Might Make the Cut Introduction It’s a good thing to be able to change your mind. If you desire being ‘right’ more than being ‘correct’, congratulations you just became your own barrier to your intellectual and emotional growth. Anyway, I bring this up because in the most recent article here I wrote about supplements, I specifically discussed why … Read More

Supplementation for Muscle and Strength – Reflections on The Pyramid

Andy MorganNutrition, Supplementation4 Comments

This is an article by Eric, originally published as a guest post on Introduction Two years ago I created a 6-part YouTube series on nutrition called “The Muscle and Strength Nutritional Pyramid”. It was designed to help people interested in gaining muscle and/or strength prioritize their nutrition to avoid “putting the cart before the horse”. It is very common … Read More