The Diet Adjustments Mastery Mini Course

A free email course by Andy Morgan

This 7 part email course will show you all the key points of dietary fine tuning to keep you crushing it.

Course Contents

  1. Mastering the fundamentals of tracking
  2. A letter to the best coaches in the world: Why I get clients to take body measurements (and I think you should too).
  3. Why you should wait before making decisions.
  4. Identifying when to adjust.
  5. How to calculate the adjustment
  6. Client examples to show you how your progress may look.
  7. Getting more information when you need it.

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Feedback from those that took the course:

Thank you for this wonderful content! Willfully or not, too many people simply ignore the process of accumulating data and then wonder why they stall. The data is what gives you context, and context is everything.
– Joe Flaherty

The way you describe the process is so accessible and easy to comprehend, I find it so simple to actually integrate these concepts into my life and my training. I love getting your emails and hearing about the latest. Keeps me on my toes and reenergizes me to stay consistent and keep pushing up that weight and dialing in my diet. It’s INVALUABLE to have your roadmap. And that latest set of six emails was over the top. Great stuff!
– Adam Turner

I’ve used other programs in the past however your way of explaining everything resonated with the way I learn. As a management consultant by trade, I found the idea of tracking daily weight and weekly measurements to be incredibly consistent with how I work with clients. It was good to see someone apply that on a personal level. It had not occurred to me to do that in that way and use body measurements as a way of validating the fat loss. I had always felt the scale would tell the tale, however using body measurements is a way to see progress and stay positive when the scale weight is not where we want it to be. Thanks so much for the information.
– Andre Lugo

What I like about you is your upfront, no BS honesty. No airs, no graces… Just truth! Love it.
– Steve Warwick

I’m a really detail oriented person so I always enjoy detail and really solid research and science, and I’ve got to say I’m really happy with the content provided by you. I’ve never had abs in my life but I’m now on my way to reach single digit BF percentage and I’ve helped a handful of people do the same. Thank you very much for everything.
– Patrick Shllaku

Long story short: loved it! Mainly because it made me realise the importance of tracking calories, macro and body measurements. It make me accountable, help me see the big picture (those times when it seems I didn’t lose a gram from day to day, but realise that I steadily lost half a pound in two weeks for almost two month), and put away lots of emotional decision regarding my diet. So thank you very much!
– Laura Landré

I love your writing style. You get right to the point and cover what is essential and no extra fluff. I also have confidence that what you teach and share is based not just on your personal experience but on many hours of personal research from other industry leaders. Your ‘Diet Adjustments Mastery course’ was basically perfect. Keep up the great work!
– Chad Dike

I feel like your method has given me a great tool to be able really asses the progress of an individual and not get dragged into making changes based on little evidence or worse still guessing. Mint mate, thanks for sharing.
– Phil Follett

It’s been very helpful. I’m actually a coach myself and have started implementing taking measurements recently before reading the course. I actually bought your book “The Last Shred” and loved it. Taking the course and reading your book has given me confidence in making the right changes going forward to get lean. Thanks for all that you do!
– Kelly Valdez

It was very helpful and, because I got so excited about that topic I just bought and finished ‘The Last Shred’ book. Amazing as well Keep the nice work!
– Manuel Calçada

I bought your book before I subscribed to the course, and I think overall, the content was excellent.
– Nikhil Moorthy

About six months ago I started counting calories, dialing in on my macros, and focusing on meal timing. I went on a deficit at the end of 2015 and posted my highest powerlifting total and wilkes score to date in December all while at my lowest body weight in four years. ‘The Diet Adjustments Mastery course’ was very helpful in teaching me that my macros will continuously need to be adjusted and I am preparing to start taking pictures/measurements every week to more accurately track my progress.
– Nick Filups

I lost 13kg!!!!! I am about to do my first ‘first timers’ Figure show. Thank you so much. Your book is unbelievable!!!
– Connie Ross

Absolutely, I’m actually on a bulk right now, so I benefited much more from the content on your website. But I can tell you it changed a lot my perspective on how to track progress and adjust my diet. Thank you for taking the time to put all this info together.
– Anderson Leocadio

I loved the video you had in it and the way you used a spread sheet to collect data. I’m amazed how you can just analyze data and make adjustments liken you do. Thank you for putting the materials out super helpful can’t wait to see your next one!
– Reneil Alcordo

This course has really helped in knowing that it’s not just about weight on the scale, it’s the factors that can impact it. Having implemented these into coaching my clients has been eye opening on when to make an adjustment to their plan. I really liked how the sections were broken into segments that allowed me to process. It built up with each email. Thanks for putting this together.
– Micah Massey

Well It was just pure awesomeness and I got so much value out of it. I feel like I am gonna buy your book, ‘The Last Shred’ just to support your work, not because I really need it yet, because I still am implementing the free stuff.
– Timo Hyväri

I believe your work consolidates (and adds finesse and a logical structure) to the efforts of many before you.
– Graham Bylmakers

First off, I’ve been in love with the 2 pyramid books and they’ve helped so much in figuring out all the info I’ve obtained in the last 2.5 years doing bodybuilding/powerlifting. It’s been instrumental in separating fact from needless bro science. As far your diet guide, 5 stars!! I was actually getting ready for a show at the time (which I unfortunately had to drop out of due to a case of pneumonia) but your guide really helped calm my nerves by hammering out a lot of uncertainties I was having. Please release more content in the future!
– Josh Branham

The diet adjustments and free email updates help tremendously. Love learning something new from your emails every week or so. I have to say this has been my first time going under or at a 10% body fat and it has been MUCH easier than all of my previous diets/ cuts. Maintained much more strength too! Can’t wait to apply the same principles to a bulk! Appreciate all you do man, keep it up!
– Matt McGinn

The book was exactly what I was looking for, and I think that you delivered in the clearest way I have seen until now the issue of dietary adjustments. The quality of content has made a great deal in crystallizing what method should I take in my path to a better physique, and especially gave me more confidence in my ability to reach those goals.
– Guy Duer

I have to say I have bought and downloaded many books over the years to help with my own training and my clients needs and goals. Since purchasing your books early this year, I can honestly say that I have referenced them several times and they are now my go to books. Without doubt my best download purchase in the last 12 months. Keep the updates coming!
– Chris Hunt

I really enjoyed taking your course. I think it´s very thorough and very informative too! I specially consider very interesting the fact that you use real-life coaching cases to explain your points.
– Ioseba Hernandez

Yes, immensely helpful. Thank you! I have returned a few times to it for either reassurance or guidance. Between the website and the email course I have yet to find some information I have needed that hasn’t been addressed, and it is always addressed thoroughly. In particular, I found the video talking through the client tracking very useful and the article on when to adjust (or not) very useful, both in terms of perspective and the need for patience.
– Stuart Ferguson