A Course on How to Implement RPE in Your Training

Rate of Perceived Exertion (RPE) is about programming intensity of effort, rather than just intensity of load.

This 5 part email course will show you how to implement RPE into your training programs to match your load to your readiness, manage fatigue more effectively and make faster gains.

Course Contents

  1. What RPE is and why you should care about it
  2. The most important parts of a successful training plan
  3. Using RPE to manage fatigue
  4. How to use RPE in your training
  5. Wrapping up & covering frequently asked questions

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Feedback from those that took the course:

“Extremely helpful. Thank you!”
– Nate Bates

“This confirmed my own thoughts about that it is not wise to always train up to the point of failure. What has happened to me many times is that when you train to failure in every session it becomes psychologically way too demanding and eventually you will lose all your motivation to train at all. Another I have been thinking is the same you were talking about these emails: the risk of injury. Especially in the deadlift, I know too many people who have hurt their backs on this movement by trying too hard. RPE is a concept that helps to choose the appropriate weights for the training after you have been training for a while and begin to know your body and your strength.
– Mika Sutinen

“All the information is well written and very easy to understand, just like you would expect from you by this point. Thanks very much and all of you keep up the amazing work that you do.”
– Martin Green

“Awesome info! Keep it coming!”
– Dan Rollins

“I thought the emails were great, very informative. I have an online coach that does my programming, and it covers the question I was always asking myself, “How much weight should I put on this bar?” I learned a lot from this. Thank you for doing it!”
– Jennifer Rendall

“Thank you and the whole team. I have been sharing your gold mine of information with friends.”
– Ion Hubencu

“I have been using the methods you both teach in my training and nutrition regimens with great results! It feels awesome to have complete control over your body composition and goals. I remember back in the day when I used to search endlessly for the “right” way to do things. I have found my “go-to” guys (YOU guys), and I am satisfied. Thanks to you both and rock on!”
– Evoryan Zafir

“It is well thought out and put together. I appreciate your insights and like reading your material.”
– Russ Rybinsk

“At about 1.5 years, I’d consider myself an intermediate trainee and I am still learning. It was definitely useful information on my end. All the best with your Ph.D. Eric.”
– Victoria Nduta.

“Everything you guys send out is useful. I have a folder in my inbox specifically for emails from Andy and 3DMJ that I’ve been filling ever since I started following Andy many years ago. In fact, since implementing everything from Rippedbody.com, and then both the Pyramid books, I have dropped from 103 kg and 18% bf to 85 kg at 9% and I am stronger than I have ever been.

“Furthermore, I left behind a 15-year career as a soldier to start my own personal training company. So in a way, you have had a massive positive effect on my life as a whole. Keep up the good work; you are all inspiration to thousands.”
– Neil Geddes

“I loved this course! I’ve been on the fence about using RPE for a while now (mainly because I was unsure how to get started with it). After these emails, I feel like I have a pretty good handle on where to begin. I’m going to start tracking RPE after my sets to get a feel for the differences between numbers on the scale, and the goal is to be able to use it to program my next training block. Thanks a lot Eric and Andy! Great value in these emails. Perhaps it’s about time I invest in the full books…”
– Jake Remmert

“This has been super helpful, not for just me but how I’m helping my clients more efficiently with your training programming. This has definitely improved my knowledge base and I appreciate you folks continually sending out valuable current information.”
– Micah

“I really enjoyed it. You made it easy to understand, and I like how you broke it down into five emails, so I didn’t get too much information at once, and it had time to sink in.”
– Jose T.

“I thought this was a brilliant course! I have tried to implement RPE myself for a time now with pretty poor results. I learned what RPE ranges to work within and crucially, that some days it’s ok to lower the weight! Thx Eric for this! I’m a huge fan of yours, and I hope to see more courses like this from you in the future.”
– Simon Bonnier

“THANK YOU! Very generous of you to share this for free.
I’ve known for a while that this thing about regulating fatigue and finding the balance in my training is an issue for me, and I’m very much looking forward to implementing these concepts in my training.”
– Goran Stal (Swedish in Colombia)

“I thought it was put together very well. You guys do a great job of relaying information in a way that makes it easy to comprehend and implement. Great job and I can’t wait for the next one!”
– Rocco Mitolo

“The info is great. I started implementing RPE rather than the ‘bro’ idea to go all out every set and have made noticeable strength and muscle gains. I was spending so much time away from my family at the gym and it was mostly wasted. Your books have really helped me understand what exactly I’m doing at the gym.”
– Vicente Moreno

“You guys did a great job writing this series. Very informative and you painted a clear picture for the reader. As always I was content with the information and found that the daily email was something to look forward to. Well done and Thank you!”
– Brian Devins

“Thank you so much for the information! It has been super helpful to use the RPE as oppose to me just having to grind out set weights without further thought!’ I really appreciate all the information that you have sent out and I continually look forward to your youtube information. Thank you again!”
– Duc Dinh

“Thank you, Eric, I’m fortunate to own a book like this created by you and the group. Your hard work on neatness, tidiness, and sequence of contents is paying off. This my BEST INVESTMENT in my early stage of life. Once again, thank you, this is only an introduction of my 3DMJ Journey with my coach, and I’m honored to call myself Team3DMJ!”
– So Lloyd