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Six sample routines to get you started quickly

Six programs for novice, intermediate, and advanced-level bodybuilders and strength-focused athletes.

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With our full progression guidelines and examples, you’ll never be left frustrated and wondering what to do next.

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Our quick-start programming guide will show you how to apply all the principles that go into program design.


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The structured order of importance is what makes this book different. Learn what matters and when.

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Learn how to balance adherence, consistency, and flexibility so you can live your life while progressing toward your goals.


Others dumb it down way too much, and miss CRITICAL nuance.

Few people know how to strike the right balance when they talk about training. Some people make it overly technical, which makes it easy for the reader to miss the forest for the trees. Others dumb it down way too much, and miss critical nuance. Eric, Andy, and Andrea have struck the perfect balance. I guarantee you’ll learn something from it, and walk away with a much better overall understanding of the training… Read more “Others dumb it down way too much, and miss CRITICAL nuance.”

Greg Nuckols
Former World Record-holding Powerlifter, Founder of and MASS

I wish I had a resource like this during my initial foray into the fitness field!

This a must-have for anyone looking to take their training to the next level. It’s a true evidence-based approach that combines the latest research and years of in-the-trenches experience to formulate a blueprint for program… Read more “I wish I had a resource like this during my initial foray into the fitness field!”

Brad Schoenfeld, PhD, CSCS, CSPS, FNSCA
Founder of

The books bridge the gap between the latest scientific information and practical implementation.

There is no gimmick by the authors to make more money and the training principles here are not mired in confusion. Rather, the work on the Internet that we wish existed previously is now available; and if you are a novice or intermediate this book will help you bypass the stage of… Read more “The books bridge the gap between the latest scientific information and practical implementation.”

Michael C. Zourdos, PhD, CSCS


Distills what REALLY matters for nutrition and training.

Eric Helms represents the next generation of exercise scientist. Not content to take other expert’s word for it, Eric desired answers so voraciously, that he did what any good scientist does… he became obsessed and crazy enough to do his own original real research. I can’t recommend these books highly… Read more “Distills what REALLY matters for nutrition and training.”

Layne Norton, PhD
IPF Unequipped World Record Holder, IFPA Natural Professional Bodybuilder

Highly recommend this for anyone looking to change their body composition.

Whether you’re looking to get big or get ripped, Eric shows you, in an evidence-based yet easy to understand fashion, the hierarchy of importance of the things you need to consider. There’s no B.S. or huge promises; just a straightforward, no-nonsense, practical guide to nutrition and training for transforming your… Read more “Highly recommend this for anyone looking to change their body composition.”

James Krieger, MSc
Founder of

I would have saved myself years of confusion.

It’s difficult for me to write a sufficiently accurate appraisal of the content within these books without sounding like I’m overplaying the quality and net benefit to be gained from them. The quality of content is astounding. The delivery is masterfully crafted and paced. And the net result for the reader is one that will be truly impactful on their approach and practice, whether they be a fitness enthusiast or a seasoned… Read more “I would have saved myself years of confusion.”

Danny Lennon, MSc
Nutritional Science

Ready to go from nutrition and training principles to practical application and progress?


Eric Helms, PhD, CSCS

Chief Author

For the better part of his career, Eric has worked with drug-free physique and strength athletes at all levels, including two IPF World champions and pro-show natural bodybuilding champions. Eric is a WNBF pro natural bodybuilder and competes in strength sport.

Eric is a Strength and Conditioning and Sports Physiology and Nutrition Senior Research Fellow at the Sports Performance Research Institute New Zealand at AUT, where he mentors masters and PhD students conducting applied strength and physique sport science. He has a BS in fitness and wellness, an MS in exercise science, a second masters in sports nutrition, and a PhD in strength and conditioning.

Andrea Valdez, MS


Andrea is a lifelong athlete, experienced coach, and content creator.

She has trained athletes in multiple disciplines for over 15 years, and has a M.S. in Exercise Physiology from the University of Oklahoma. She has also been a bodybuilding coach, podcast host, and operations director with 3D Muscle Journey since 2015.

Andy Morgan, BS


Andy Morgan is an online training and nutrition coach.

He has seven years of experience working full-time coaching people exclusively online. You can find 100+ client result photos and 400+ client testimonials on his site. This puts him among the most experienced coaches out there, with the results to back it up.


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I don’t question myself. I don’t wonder, “How many sets of this should I do? High reps or Low Reps? Am I on the correct workout split?” No, I am confident in myself. This knowledge comes from an accumulation of experience and by humbling myself and listening to the experts in this industry, not just the guys with the best physiques or highest follower count. This is your chance. End your Wheel Spinning. Buy these… ““I step into the gym and I know EXACTLY what I am doing…””

Matt Ogus
Physique Athlete, Former Coaching Client

Finally, a comprehensive source to send people to who are interested in bodybuilding. I was coached by Eric’s partner Jeff Alberts for my bodybuilding competition, the results you can see in the photo, the principles in this book were applied. I would recommend to anyone looking into doing a bodybuilding show or if you are coaching… ““The results you can see in the photo…””

Dr. Spencer Nadolsky, DO
Board Certified Family and Obesity Physician,,

Over the years I have read many books. Some are bad, some are good and a few are amazing — these fall in the latter category. Eric has referenced a lot of the available literature but still managed to write in an easy, straight-forward way that makes it very practical to… ““Few books are amazing…””

Juma Iraki BSc
Head of Nutrition Academy For Personal Training (AFPT), CEO

Eric Helms and company have gone to great lengths of providing a resource that doesn’t set out to describe a particular nutritional strategy or training template, they lay out the fundamental principles and their relative importance in detail, while still remaining extremely… ““A KEYSTONE resource for modern day training and nutrition strategies.””

Bryce Lewis
2018 IPF 105kg (230lb) World Champion, Founder of, Coaching Client Since 2010

100% risk-free. 30-day money-back guarantee. No questions asked.