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Natural trainees only please.

I have always been an active person and regular gym goer, but for your years my body looked exactly the same and I never saw any real progress. All I did was long, steady rate cardio. I was afraid to lift weights because at the time I was very uneducated and believed that it would make me bulky, so even during the times that I was thin my body still didn’t have any true shape or definition. I was the true definition of “skinny fat”. I was very unhappy with my body, and turned to the muscle and strength pyramid books when I decided that it was time to seriously pursue the bikini competitor body I’ve always wanted. I am still nowhere close to my goal, but these two books have made the biggest and most positive change in my life. The nutrition book is very comprehensive. I was able to break through a year long plateau after applying what I learned from the nutrition book to my diet, and the training book has helped me build up some sexy curves and truly transform my body. I recommend these two books to everyone who asks me what my big secret was, and so far every single one of those people I recommended these books to have also seen a drastic change in their body composition as well.

Kelly Barbosa

Both nutrition and training pyramids have changed my life. I have seen PRs in deadlift (305), squat (275), and bench (225) this week utilizing block periodization principles and I feel like I actually know how my metabolism and nutrition work in unison now. I went from 173 and 28% in January to 139 and 10% in june.

The first half of this i was following bro diet methods and it was working but I was not enjoying it nor did I really understand how it was working. Once I starting listening to your podcasts and reading your articles and then your books did I truly understand what I was doing and know what direction I was heading. I plan to compete in 2019. You guys have made weight training and nutrition fun again.

Mitch Landrum

To Muscle & Strength Pyramid / 3DMJ Team,

I can’t be thankful enough for the effort and knowledge you have all put into both Training and Nutrition books. This is what I have learned thus far after reading both books cover to cover:

The Nutrition Pyramid book helped me both physically and mentally towards achieving my goals as an intermediate lifter. For the first time in four years of diligent calorie tracking mixed with periods of intuitive eating, I have now found my precise maintenance calories with the help of the “Two Week Method” and the email course provided by Andy. Now, without depriving myself as I once was a very dichotomous thinker in my relationship towards nutrition, the tools provided in the book helped me set up a very prolific off-season in the gym and a current fat loss phase in hopes of the summer season. Having learned about what takes priority, being flexible, and patient takes this book to the next level an provides invaluable tools for someone who has been previously “spinning their wheels” (insert Alberto Nunez voice) with regards to the nutrition component as part of improving body composition and properly fueling training.

The Training Pyramid book goes beyond setting up a clever training regimen by explaining and offering tools to set up one’s own program to fit their goals. I was surprised to see the array of sample powerlifting/bodybuilding sample programs AND the knowledge necessary behind manipulating custom variables for hypertrophy, strength, power, deloads, mesocycle undulations, cardio recommendations and many more. One of the biggest take home messages of the book (and new to me) has been employing RPE based training versus 1RM% approach. After listening to Jeff Alberts lessons about “form>load” and reading Dr. Helms’ published research on the effectiveness of RPE training, I made one of the best decisions ever to leave my ego at the door and still push myself shy of failure given the prescribed RPE range. The reassurance of the program relying on scientific studies, experience, and knowledge from the 3DMJ team made me feel taken care of and reassured me that progress in the gym is not aimless and my effort will translate to something productive over years of meticulous, injury free training.

I have recommended this book set to everyone I know. I am looking forward to completing a full macrocycle with the knowledge I have in my hands.

Thank you so much for the hard work and effort towards all the content you have provided!

Alex Buga

I was really looking forward to the training book since some nutrition knowledge already came from Andy’s website. And I must say it totally delivered. The VIF section helped me better understand the basic building blocks and as a whole, the book was easy to read. I was able to grasp all the concepts and I liked being taught how to fish instead of receiving a bucket of them. I believe that analogy serves best for both books.

You’re all improving someone’s life even if you don’t know it.

Cristian Tituleasa

Great books!

Both, the one about nutrition and the other about training, have the information with the best scientific trust but are written in a very comfortable manner. Compared to other books that pretend to “know the exact truth” with only “partial” experiments and without solid foundations, the pyramid books make the right links between the best scientific works and the correct view on those works, and so, thanks to this nature of the authors, are much more trustworthy.

I think it’s a landmark, more, a crossroads for researchers, coaches and athletes.

Lino Di Renzo

These Pyramid e-books have been the best resources on nutrition and training I’ve read to date. Organizing the scientifically based information in order of relevance and importance, it is both clear and perspicuous on how a beginner, intermediate, and/or advanced bodybuilder or powerlifter can continue to make progress in his or her chosen discipline. Since implementing the basic principles of progressive overload laid out in the training e-book, I’ve been able to hit new PR’s almost on a weekly basis! Highly recommended.

Brian Baldemor, PNBA Pro Men's Physique Competitor

Using The Muscle and Strength Pyramid books, specifically the Nutrition pyramid has helped me reach new peaks. Combined with a strict training regimen (minimal cardio), I successfully dropped nearly 15lbs (roughly 2lbs a week) while still maintaining my strength. This is very important to me, I compete in power lifting and I am an LEO. Before with nutritional/diet programs I have tried to follow I always noticed a loss of strength and energy, I would often find myself almost dizzy or lightheaded throughout my day. Following a scientifically backed approach had allowed me to actually fuel my body and still lose fat. I loved being able to still push my training to the max and still see great results. Thank you guys so much for developing these nutrition and training ‘bibles’.

Quintin Hubbard

I had been training for over 20 years without ever coming close to the goals I set myself to achieve. It wasn’t lack of effort, as I trained longer, harder and more intensely than anyone around me… it was a lack of knowledge.

Andy’s website (rippedbody.jp); the 3DMJ youtube channel and finally the Muscle and Strength pyramid books literally changed my life. The sheer volume of tried, tested and proven information from this team showed me without a shadow of a doubt that I had been doing nothing more than spinning my wheels for 20 years.

After applying the all the information, (which was ridiculously easy to set up), I am eating more than ever before, enjoying my training more than ever before and most importantly, getting phenomenal results. I have dropped from 103kg with 99cm waist to 87kg with a 79cm waist and for the first time in my life I have a definitive six pack, the early stages of vascularity and I’m stronger than ever (my leg press has gone from 230kg x 5 to 420kg x 5).

Do yourself a favour, get on Andys website, get on the 3DMJ youtube channel and above all else… Get The Muscle & Strength Pyramid books! It will change your life forever.

Neil Geddes

Up until 2009 at the age of 38 and with 24 years of training under my belt, I was able to do pretty well for myself. I captured two pro cards that year weighing in at 160lbs, but surely not ready to contend on a pro stage. But after meeting Eric Helms in that same year, I slowly but surely started to incorporate more of his methods and philosophies from The Muscle and Strength Pyramids into my own arsenal over the next few years. Fast forward to 2014, I competed 10lbs heavier and won the IFPA Pro International and placed 4th at the WNBF Worlds. Still using the muscle and strength pyramids to this day, I plan on competing again in 2017 and hopefully move a notch higher as an elite athlete.

Jeff Alberts, 2014 IFPA Pro International Champion

Originally I had bounced from “program” to program and never really got anything done, no way to track progress and no way to tell if I was doing anything right. The Muscle and Strength Pyramids helped give me the knowledge I needed to know what I’m doing wrong and what I’m doing right. For the first time ever I finally made myself a program that I don’t feel like I need to constantly need to change!

Joe Rhoads

I want to apologize for my possible english mistakes, I’m brazilian so english is not my main language. Sorry if my testimonial is too big for the page, the thing is that I really wanted to send it to you guys because it really helped me in a lot of ways that I cant even describe, so i guess it may motivate you.

Getting these books was the best thing I could ever do to educate myself training and nutrition wise. I now know exactly what do to if my goal to cut and not lose pornographics amounts of muscle or to bulk without getting fat. I know now that it’s okay for me to go out and have fun with friends at a restaurant because I don’t have that “all or nothing” mentality anymore. And it’s due to that that my fitness life is not in a constantly fight with my social life anymore.

In short: my “gym life” became much more healthy in every aspect, which is pretty much the goal, isn’t it?

Leonardo Rechsteiner

I have read a fair amount of books on training, including work by Greg Nuckols, Chad Wesley Smith, Josh Bryant etc. I have to say The Muscle and Strength Pyramid books are the best I have read.

It gave me the tools to create my own programme and I actually understood principles behind the templates. If I wanted to change something I could then go back to the book and make an informed change.

This meant I felt more invested in the programme and helped with motivation. Thanks again guys.

Raj Brar

Eric, I just wanted to give you some feedback about your books. Not anything that you haven’t heard, I’m sure, because it was really excellent and comprehensive. From the title, I thought that it would just be the book version of your videos in 3DMJ, but it is just an entire resource about periodisation, programming and tracking progress. As a powerlifter and aspiring coach, I bought the books to read about bodybuilding programming but it actually is a fantastic educational resource for powerlifting as well. Good job, Eric, and keep inspiring!

Clement You

The books helped bestow the knowledge of a 10 year fitness enthusiast into me in a few days. It gave me the knowledge to proof read a program to see if it would be beneficial and how to adjust it to make it fit my goals and lifestyle. The nutrition side of the books let me be able to confidently and correctly set up my macros to hit my goals with borderline 100% accuracy. If you want to basically transplant the brains of Eric Helms, Andy, Andrea, and Matt Ogus into your head get these books.

Joshua Wilson

I had been progressively increasing strength for a few years by simply just adding weight to the bar each week. My goal was simple – beat the load I lifted the previous week. Predictably, I started hitting plateaus and was unsure of how to start progressing as more of an intermediate lifter now. Reading the Muscle and Strength Pyramid books was just what I needed to learn how to approach bodybuilding as “training” instead of just “working out.” I took it a step further and reached out to Team 3DMJ for a consultation to get even more in depth.

I now have a training plan mapped out that will allow for increased gains during the next chapter of my training career. I highly recommend the Muscle and Strength Pyramid books for those looking to get the most out of their training and nutrition.

Chris Wirth

The Nutrition Pyramid book allowed me to have a better grasp on the breakdown of nutrition. Helped me to understand the body’s energy balance and how it plays a vital role when making necessary adjustments while in a deficit or while in a surplus. I was under the impression that the adjustment that were made were educated guesses. But I now know it is more in depth than that.

Dwaine Hall

Anyone who is on the fence about buying these pyramids of wisdom needs to hop the fence and make a run for it. The nutrition and training books complement each other extremely well, and will bestow upon you so much knowledge that it is impossible not to make any gains. I had hit a plateau earlier this year and after I read both books, I put them to the test. Sure enough, I have made strides towards my ultimate fitness goals, lifting bigger and better, and maintaining a lean body composition. These books are the truth, and the truth will set you free.

Joshua Gray

These eBooks have changed the way I look at the big picture of nutrition and training. Being able to have a framework to help build a solid foundation in both worlds of Nutrition and Training. This has improved and added in my ability to coach my clients in a more progressive fashion.

Thanks again for collaborating on these resources for the masses.

Micah Massey

I’m a trainer as well as an amateur lifter and have been consistently making progress over the past 10 years, but due to an injury with resulting huge weight gain and a lack of empiricism in my knowledge base I have been sort of taking a shot in the dark around “broscience” and other simple trial and error styles of training and diet.

Not only has it had a positive effect on my training and physique, it has helped me become a more effective trainer; being able to apply this information to all types of populations. While I was directed to The Pyramids by Matt Ogus – himself being a very genuine and helpful personality on social media – I have now been shown the light to the best network of experienced and intellectual minds in the fields of natural bodybuilding, nutrition and weight training – with the best foundations for that knowledge beginning with the two Muscle and Strength Pyramids E-Books!

Tom Houston

I’d love to share how these books have helped me in training.

– The myths of supplements and meal timing has been a big question to my bodybuilding life. The book was able to help focus on what really matters and help debunk what is true and what is not.

-Training protocols, understanding there is no “perfect” workout for someone. This helped me to realize that you can customize your routine to what workout and lifts you like.

-Knowledge of macronutrients and micronutrient planning. Gives very strong information on how to utilize a count based system that can almost make you like a machine. Bulk, cut, maintain however you would like according to goal.

-Timing. Understanding rest times and how to save time in the gym by utilizing supersets and scheduling your workout according to your life schedule.

Thank you for such an amazing book! I support you guys 100%!

Jerry Tran

Not only do the books provide great insights, they actually teach you it should also be fun. In the past I wasn’t consistent because I only wanted to eat and train scientifically optimally. Now I realize there’s a middle ground. Thanks to these books I didn’t quit and I’m enjoying myself again. Also, the section about progression is insane and probably the best thing I’ve ever read in a strength training book.

Marco Wolfs

I love all of the content by 3DMJ and this is no exception. I’ve been lifting for 11 years, made some gains, but unfortunately wasn’t making the progress I wanted. My bulks were out of control and the only information I could find about cutting was “don’t eat carbs.” I basically had an eating disorder where I’d eat perfectly “healthy” and then “mess up” and binge like a demon.

After slowly coming into flexible dieting on YouTube and doing my own research, these guys break it down so absurdly clearly you can’t not understand. You get better info than most personal trainers and these guys give you hope about what is possible naturally. They are all JACKED. The training is good but the nutrition info is better than Harry Potter. I repeat. I went to every midnight book release and this is better.

If you don’t have 67 dollars I don’t care: prostitute yourself, go over your credit limit, and steal from your grandma because everyone knows $67 is nothing since gains are priceless.

Troy Hollings

The pyramid books allowed me to get the depth of understanding I was desperately craving, in regards to not only macro nutrients and optimal, consistent, weight loss, but additionally opened up a whole new world. This being programming!

From the skills gained I have been able to construct my workouts in a way that has maximum affect, while discounting the unnecessary worries i had regarding frankly meaningless areas (i.e is my tempo slow enough?) This has had DIRECT transfer to my performance, in regards to both strength gains and aesthetic appearance.

I’ve actually taken the book one step further and conducted research into the areas outlined, adding depth to my knowledge and huge value to a software product i manage within the fitness space.

My only critique of the book and i use that word loosely… the price is flat out silly low!

Warmest Regards.

Thomas Russell

This has been one (including Andy’s ‘The Last Shred’ eBook) of the best resources I have come across not only for my own professional development, but something I have used and applied on myself and on ALL of my current clients… and will continue to do so in the future.

On a personal note, my prep for my up and coming fitness model competition in May has been by far the easiest prep I have ever done not only on my body but my mental and hunger states as well. And I owe this to all the information Eric, Andrea and Andy have provided in these books.

Here is a pic of where I started back in January compared to where I am at now after using all your material (5 weeks out from comp).

PS: Looking forward to catching up with Eric at the Biolayne Aussie tour (Sydney seminar)!

Matt Burns

I would just like to say that this is the best written book on training and nutrition that I have ever read. Its an easy read that gives answers backed with studies. It takes everything that I have spent years reading about and puts it into a nice fun book. I can’t tell you how many hours of studying this would have saved me (granted I do like to read the research articles for my own benefit).

I now recommend this to all of my friends and clients. I believe that anyone can benefit from this read. Plus, with the updates every year or so, people will be exposed to the new research that comes out in the field.

Congratulations! Team 3DMJ is amazing! I am a big fan.

Daniel Cavarretta

Let me keep it short sharp & sweet… A must have resource for anyone who wants to save time, money & much frustration. These ebooks give you the scientifically-backed formulas for success in a simple, applicable manner.

Anyone who follows, learns & implements them will achieve an impressive physique or level of conditioning full stop. I am extremely grateful for everything I have learned form team 3DMJ & like many others my only wish is that I would have come across them sooner!

Thank you Sincerely! 🙂

Alex Connor

I learned how to be more flexible with my dieting/macros on a weekly basis as opposed to looking at it from a day to day perspective which allows me to be more social with my eating. Another thing I incorporated was the use of alternate sets with compound opposite movements, I noticed real progress in my lifts that I utilize alternating sets and this is during a cut. I highly recommend both books.

Adrian C.

I’m 47 and have lifted on and off for many years, all I was after was a way of designing a home workout that would allow me to feel like I was making some progress in strength and hypertrophy without having to overcomplicate it. Using ’The Muscle and Strength Pyramid’ enabled me to identify what was important and structure my workouts around that. His insights into the less important things such as rest periods also allowed me to know when I could and should take shorter rests and when it was inadvisable, given I have the same commitments as many others in terms of family and job, this has been extremely helpful.

I have found the purchase to be one of the very best I have made and this comes from someone who has bought quite a few training books over the years.

Dave Graham

For someone who is always doubting ordering books based on plugs from social media, I must say that these products were life changing for me. It may seem a bit over the top but by indulging into the books, I’ve learned so much more that can only optimize my lifestyle. With all the help and simple suggestions to implement in my daily routine, I feel much more confident, as if I am able to lift more weight both physically and mentally. I highly recommend the books because they are worth it. They have truly made a strong contribution to the rebirth of my motivation and drive to kill it both in and out of the gym.

Steven Phan

These books have truly transformed my fitness journey. I don’t have to second guess my lifts and I know how I should be progressing. Not only is the training book phenomenal, the nutrition book has helped me and several of my friends get on track and know why my energy levels are where they are. So far I’ve lost 36lbs, and added 30lbs to my flat bench, 45lbs to my back squat, and 50lbs to my deadlift in 3.5 months. Thank you Eric, Andrea and Andy!

Angelo Fratantoni

The Pyramid Book is the best investment I have ever made in my fitness career, it is worth far more than $67. I have invested in many ebooks (that cost way more than $67) and nothing compares. I learned more about how to structure training and nutrition for powerlifting and the average joe than I did in my first two years of my kinesiology degree. The beauty of the pyramid books is that it takes research and shows you how to apply knowledge to your own experience. You don’t learn that in school!

I have implemented the training and nutrition pyramid into my program to help me prepare for my powerlifting meet in June. I can so far say that my squat has gone up around 40lbs (190lbs to 232.5lbs) and deadlift has gone up 40lbs (292.5 lbs to 330lbs) while trying to lose weight to go down a weight class since February! I started powerlifting in July 2015 at the age of 19, I thought I was near my full potential in January… The pyramid books really saved me time from doing dumb things and helped me achieve fast results. One of the craziest things prepping for my meet is that I am eating more calories while improving strength and slowly losing weight.

In June, I would like to share with you guys my end result of utilizing these pyramid books for about 3 months. I will do this by comparing my January powerlifting meet to my June powerlifting meet.

Thanks for making these amazing and affordable books! I constantly recommend these books to my kinesiology colleagues but they all refuse to read 300 pages… Yet they are willing to spend hours reaching chunky cookie cutter personal training textbooks that do not help them train individuals.

Christine Trac

I’m a strength athlete, physique competitor, and personal trainer. I’m the president of the bodybuilding team at Eastern Michigan and I will be competing along side with other teammates at the Nichole Wilkins Classic in July. I’ve used all the principles from these books to get where I am today.

Steven Wilts, Eastern Michigan University

Hello, this is my testimonial…. I will be very honored if it was featured on your page, I was just a normal guy, I wasn’t a bodybuilder, now I am slowly transforming into one, but still living a normal life. thanks to you guys.

“It came a time when I was so lost and desperate with so much useless information out there, I hit a plateau. Until I stumbled upon the nutrition and training pyramid and of course Eric Helms, he has helped me not only achieve my fitness goals step by step but helped as well with the resources to train and diet with a purpose. Now everything makes sense, I have a goal, a plan, and the tools to get there

Jesus Perales, Monterrey, Mexico

I honestly didn’t expect I will get much of new info with these books since I’m on point with what’s going on in training/nutrition. However, the way content was laid out, in the hierarchy of importance with practical examples of putting it all together, makes these two books a must have for anyone looking to be somebody’s coach or make program for himself (like in my case).

For lazy folks: 10/10 would read again.

Bojan Rajačić

These books helped me immensely with guidance towards how to diet and how to effectively progressively overload. I was stalled with my bench press but after applying the progression methods provided in this book and creating a DUP HPS APT program, I finally am overcoming my weak bench press. Making my 3RM into my 7RM.

I now know how to train the most efficient way, as an intermediate training aged bodybuilder. With the guidelines provided I can now progress a lot quicker into an advanced training age! I have gone from knowing some shit, to knowing a lot of shit!

Get on it everyone, you will save yourself so much trial and error. More time growing, less time guessing!

Amaru Frantz, Natural BodyBuilder From Canberra, Australia

Hi guys, Lewis Hutcheson here. Firstly, I would like to say thanks for the knowledge that’s been passed to me through the E-Books. I’ve been in the bodybuilding game for 3 years now & at 21 years of age I feel there is plenty room for extra info as this is a never ending sport with continuous potential to learn.

In the past I have purchased meal plans/training plans etc etc & these are good for beginners but they are one size fits all. If you want to learn about your body how it works, the quantities of macros & how to adjust to suit YOUR needs then this is the place to find it. It gives you a great understanding of how food impacts your body and training & is the foundation to mastering the art of tracking macros.

I purchased the E-Books at the beginning of my cut on 28/02/2016 and am currently just over 4 weeks through my diet. I do not feel tired, lethargic or fatigued at all yet & am making great progress in regards to my fat loss. Obviously the diet will get tougher as the weeks go on but this has been my first attempt at designing my own prep & I couldn’t of done it without these books. This time last year I had cut too fast was feeling mood swings, exhaustion & feeling flat all the time, as I didn’t fully understand how to manipulate your food to get the best results from your food intake.

I highly recommend these books to anyone who is willing to take their diet/training to the next step in preparation for a show/event or even just to feel better about yourself. I cannot stress enough the importance of tracking food & correct cardio & weight training sessions. Thanks again guys.

Lewis Hutcheson

Reading the Muscle & Strength Pyramid books has helped me to restructure my black-or-white thinking pattern and start perceiving information / exercise advice filtered through the newfound ability to critically think. Whereas before I used to think that a certain workout program has magical characteristics that make them work, I now understand the principles behind them and why they do or why they don’t work.

Jason Park

These books have really helped me to reach next level. I’d been training in a true broscience way and I stopped progressing. I still see most lifters at the gym training with their “science” and I will unconsciously laugh at the previous version of me lifting like them. I feel fortunate to get to know Eric Helms and his co-authors. Thank you very much for the product, you’ve saved me and will a lot more ‘beginners’.

So Lloyd

I had no second thought on investing to support Eric, Andrea, and Andy. At the very minimum, you get your money’s worth but if you truly indulge on the wealth of information collected you will be well-equipped on theorycrafting your own set of workout and nutrition plans. They provide their prospective of the fundamentals in layman’s terms just as a bodybuilder would work hard to show the muscles underneath the skin.

Justin Yi

The information in both the training and nutrition books was invaluable. This pyramid structure really helps to explain the concepts clearly, and the language and examples used made it all particularly easy to understand. This is the best resource I have ever found on these topics after years and years of research and trying to learn from a number of different sources. Highly, highly recommended!

Paul Donnadieu

We can not express how much we love this books. Eric, Andrea and Andy did an amazing job putting all this information together in such a simple way. All the information presented in the books are so valuable, updated and supported by science, and the best thing is that it is easy to read and understand.

We live in Ecuador, and honestly the information here is so “bro science” and for us finding trustful information was a journey when we first started. Once we read the books, we realize they cover all you need to know as someone who wants to start into fitness in the most optimal way, for any coach who want to be updated and wants a reliable sources or someone who already train but want to take it to another level. These books are amazing!! If you love fitness and nutrition, you will love these books!!

Manu & Bernardo, Ecuador

I absolutely enjoyed both the Training Pyramid and the Nutrition one. I have read both of them twice as of now and continue to reference them from time to time. I have always struggled with trying to create the “optimal” training program and I realize after reading the strength pyramid book that there is no one perfect program and that you have to fit it to yourself. Both are great books and I would highly recommend them to everyone. I wish mainstream media would read them as well so we don’t have to keep seeing information that is completely inaccurate.

Thanks guys!

Dean McFarlin

After reading the books it taught me many things…I realized that I don’t have to be in the gym for 3+ hours to achieve the results I want…I can spend 1-1.5 hours and accomplish the same thing because I was provided with the knowledge from these ebooks and the sample programs that I am following….the great part is that they do not just give you specific exercises to do in the sample programs but I stead tell you what type of joint movements and muscle groups to work (this allows you to switch your training up every couple of months).

I feel very confident with my training now and am already satisfied with my continual progress I’ve seen in the gym! The ebooks are definitely worth the money. I feel as if I have already gotten my moneys worth out of these books and it’s been less than 2 months.

Harley DeWalt

These books have personally helped me leave all doubt behind me once I have programmed a training block or during the various stages of dieting, as well as led me to a significant amount of gains in and out the gym.

There are no other books as valuable an asset to a lifter, casual or serious, than these are, and as per usual Team3DMJ has outdone themselves again.”

Colin Quarles

I’m a data scientist and I used to go nuts trying to find quality information about natural bodybuilding on the internet.

It wasn’t until I started seeing that all the science-minded natural bodybuilders on the internet were quoting, citing, or referencing Eric Helms that I realized I was an idiot for trusting anyone except for the source of the knowledge itself. His and Andy and Andrea’s book finally gave me the scientific rigor, open-mindedness, healthy skepticism, and breadth of knowledge I was looking for to lay the foundations for my training methodology.

I’m so happy to for the first time ever be able to whole-heartedly trust the science-tested theories behind my training and go back to it and modify for my needs. Many thanks for proving that science is still valued in this country–we just need to market it better.

Michael Michonski

I might be slightly biased since Eric has coached me in my previous two competition seasons but I honestly credit him with reigniting my passion for fitness and also winning my pro card with the WBFF.

Many can explain the science behind training and nutrition, but very few can break it down into practical, usable information for the individual like Eric does. These Ebooks are no different – cutting edge, evidence based information written in an easy to absorb manner. As far as results go? I’ve attached a picture – As you can see, Eric has never let me down.

Altug Kop

If you thought the videos themselves were great, you really are in for a nice surprise when you read The Muscle & Strength Pyramid books, they are packed with an abundance of quality information.

I have benefited from these books greatly; helping lots of people of all ages and weight reach their goals. Even if you haven’t a career in this field, and you are just a natural gym-goer like myself, you will still benefit from The Muscle & Strength Pyramid books, without a doubt.

Eric and his team have done a brilliant job in providing his readers with the best, most reliable information around.

Definitely worth the money. I highly recommend them to anyone wanting to have a better understanding in the field of nutrition.

Josh Ford

In all honesty, I can say these books have saved my lifting career. I’m a 17 year old aspiring Powerlifter/Natural Bodybuilder. From these books I learned the fundamentals to resistance training and they helped me skip unnecessary training methods that are not backed by research. Being such a young lifter, I’d have to second guess my training routines due to lack of experience but now with these books, I have the confidence of creating my own optimal training program and nutrition guidelines. Being a natural athlete, from my part all it takes is trusting in the process and that’s what I have done. My strength has gone up and my physique is starting to reflect the knowledge I know have for training and nutrition.

Marlon Balcarcel

This is the information that I have been searching for ever since I started training. It is very comforting to know that there is something out there to give someone like me direction regarding diet, training and supplementation.

I feel relief after bouncing from diets to diets, magazines to magazines, following someone’s workout plan cause they look like they know what theyre doing. I’ve always liked evidence base practice and explaining the “why” factor. Also from gaining knowledge through these books and the 3DMJ Youtube channel, it takes away the feeling that you need to compare your progress/self to others, you simply need to focus on your own journey.


I really enjoyed these books. They have helped me immensely, especially through a lifting plateau where I was finally able to bench 315lbs. After 6 years of lifting tinkering with my workouts I have finally been able to achieve that goal.

Stephen Zimmerman

I would like to offer a sincere and very appreciative thank you to you and your camp for being a shining example of what is right in the fitness industry. Becoming certified as a trainer was quite frankly disappointing. My primary intention wasn’t to be a trainer but to learn how to train myself. I believe I got more out of the $70 I spent on your books than my $500 cert. Your hierarchy system is an ongoing masterpiece, and I look forward to the updates and revisions, and anytime I see an email from your team. Thanks again.

Zachery Cooper

If you think the videos are detailed enough, you are wrong! As a sports nutrition student, and having learnt from Eric’s videos, these books not only provide unbelievable information, it has helped me relate to clients much easier, as well as backing up my own nutrition and training! Even if you are just the average gym goer, I can only assume you want optimal results? Then you would be a fool not to invest in a LIFETIME updated book! You won’t regret it!!

Alex Baker