The MSP Books on Amazon

We’re excited to announce that the second editions of The Muscle and Strength Pyramid books are now available on Amazon!

Since we published the first editions back in 2015, we’ve had inquiries almost daily asking if we’d ever have physical books available, rather than our downloadable eBooks.

Ebooks are convenient, but we all agree that there is something special about having physical copies.

Initially, the expenses, shipping logistics, and other subtle aspects of physical books were barriers that we didn’t know how to overcome. However, after looking into our options for a long while now, we decided to go with Amazon’s “Kindle Direct Publishing” service, which allows a small-time operation like ours to deliver physical versions of our books globally, and in many cases, at local shipping rates (free, if you have an Amazon prime account).

So if you are among the many people who have been itching to hold the book in your hands, rather than read them on a screen, we’re happy to announce that’s a reality as of now!

Here are the local country stores where you can purchase copies

Note: These are all the country stores that Amazon allows us to publish in. We’re sorry for any shipping cost and inconvenience for our readers in other countries.

We Would Appreciate Your Help

Reviews in Amazon, quickly after launch, is the key to getting books more visible, potentially in the charts.

We started our careers in this industry because we want to make a difference. These books are our chance to do that — the more hands we can get these books in the greater our ability to crush the nonsense in the industry.

Could you spare 3 minutes to write us an honest review on Amazon for each book?

We would be supremely grateful.

Thank you so much,

– Eric, Andrea, and Andy

PS: Regarding Other Languages — Note that these are English language editions. We have Spanish (first half of 2019), Japanese (first quarter 2020), Portuguese, Mandarin Chinese, and Italian in the works and we’ll email when we have more details.