About The Authors

Eric Helms, PhD, CSCS

Chief Author

Coach, athlete, author, educator, and researcher, Eric has been involved in the fitness industry since the early 2000s. For the better part of his career, he’s been a coach at 3D Muscle Journey, working with drug-free strength and physique competitors at all levels. A competitive athlete himself, he has pro status with the Professional Natural Bodybuilding Association and competes with the IPF at the international level as an unequipped powerlifter.

Eric has published multiple peer-reviewed articles in exercise science and nutrition journals and writes for commercial fitness publications. He’s taught undergraduate and graduate level nutrition and exercise science and speaks internationally at academic and commercial conferences for fitness, nutrition and strength and conditioning. He has a BS in fitness and wellness, an MS in exercise science, a second masters in sports nutrition, a Ph.D. in strength and conditioning, and is a research fellow for AUT at the Sports Performance Research Institute New Zealand.

Andrea and Eric are part of 3D Muscle Journey, a team dedicated to helping drug-free strength and physique athletes succeed in sport and life. To find out more about 3DMJ coaching go here.


Andrea Valdez, MS


Andrea is a lifelong athlete, experienced coach, and content creator.

She has trained athletes in multiple disciplines for over 15 years and has an M.S. in Exercise Physiology from the University of Oklahoma. She has also been a bodybuilding coach, podcast host, and operations director with 3D Muscle Journey since 2015.


Andy Morgan, BS


Andy wears two hats in his professional life, both focussed on changing the fitness industry for the better.

In the West, he is known for his unique style of online coaching and for his no-nonsense nutrition and training guides on RippedBody.com. He has been working full-time coaching male, recreational trainees online since 2011.

In Japan, he is known as the guy behind building AthleteBody.jp, the most trusted nutrition and training site in the country. The company helps bridge the knowledge gap between Japan the Western fitness industry, with a specific eye on personal trainer education.

Andy is originally from Birmingham, UK, but currently resides in Tokyo, Japan.

If you’d like to read Andy’s articles, listen to his podcast, or inquire about coaching, click here.